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Highlight important announcements, reminders, or frequently referenced information within a group or a channel. Pinned messages remain at the top of the chat, making them easily accessible for all members.

How to Create a Community on Heyday

Easy steps for building your online hub

Step 1
Download the App

Press the button below to download Heyday from the App Store.

Step 2
Sign up

Sign up using your phone number and enter the verification code. Once you're set up, create a username and choose your interests — this helps us always deliver content that's relevant to you.

  • Sign up with a phone number
  • Create unique username
  • Pick your favorite topics
Step 3
Create a community & choose its type

Select the 'Chats' option from the app bottom menu, then tap the '+' icon to create a new community.

  • Choose between a Group, a Channel, or a Reality Chat
  • Upload an avatar and create a custom name and username for your Community
  • Select an interest that aligns with your content theme and choose the type of community support
Step 4
Fill out the community’s information

Once your community is created, you can always update or add new information about it.

  • Add a description and location
  • Change the community support options
  • Edit the community name and avatar
Step 5
Invite friends & share your community

Expand your community by inviting friends and new subscribers in various ways

  • Add new members from your Heyday contacts list
  • Allow Heyday to access your contact list to invite friends
Step 6
Choose the type of monetization

Choose between different options to monetize your community (optional)

  • Make your channel paid to join
  • Add a link to your Patreon or Venmo to let your subscribers support your community

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Easy steps for building your online hub

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