👋 Hello, and welcome to the Heyday community!

Heyday is where you can find like-minded people to chat, meet, collaborate, and connect with through groups and messages. For all Hey-users to feel safe and secure, we prepared a set of 8 gold House Rules that apply to all content and that we will guard.

These rules summarize our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, CCPA, and IPR so please read them as well. Our Trust and Safety team reserves the right to take some enforcement actions, including issuing warnings, removing content, suspending or banning accounts, and potentially reporting them to the relevant authorities, if the content breaks one or several platform guidelines.

Each group can set its terms for discussion and engagement, as defined in its rules. You are responsible for the content you share with others and the consequences of your public and private interactions. If you see any post that violates our House Rules or looks odd or suspicious, please immediately report it to our Safety team directly through the app or via help@heyday.net

Before sharing any information, always remember: you are dealing with strangers on the Internet.

House Rules

🤬 Hate Speech and Harassment

Heyday is a place for having meaningful conversations based on your hobbies and interests, and not for attacking each other. Be yourself but don't do it at the expense of others. That's why (and it should go without saying) we don't allow bullying, harassment of any kind, racism, bigotry, hate speech, targeted hate or violence, incitement of violence, dehumanization, or stalking someone's profile when they asked to be left alone. We highly encourage our users to criticize and raise awareness about Hate Speech on our platform in cases where the intent is clear.

Remember: this isn't a full list! But the rule of thumb is simple - don't treat anyone like 💩

👊 Threats and Violence

To encourage an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone, we don't allow any promotion, distribution, or glorification of violent or disturbing material or organized crime of any kind including terrorism; graphic injuries, gruesome and gore content, violent ideations, or animal cruelty (including content about hunting, killing, or dead animals). We don't support extortion, direct or indirect violent threats, or intimidation of our users - this is off-limits. This isn't a full list but we hope you captured the essence!

If our Safety team learns that you have threatened another user, you'll be banned from Heyday forever and we reserve the right to report the incident to the relevant Law Enforcement officials. That being said, we understand that some content might also be posted with the intent to report, condemn, educate, or neutrally discuss - we're supporting these discussions as long as its intent is clear.=

📲 Personally Identifiable Information

We are all human - let’s respect the privacy of others. If you don't have the consent of someone to share their personal information - oh well, then don't! Doing so may cause potential physical or financial harm to another person irl, and we don't want it to happen to anyone. Heyday will never ask for your personal details, like sharing your credit card data.

To protect your privacy, our Safety team will remove any sensitive personal information that has been publicly exposed anywhere on our platform. This includes but is not limited to any identification documents, driver's license, Social Security Number (SSN), phone number, email, address (be at home, work, or somewhere else), records or statements of financial information (unless publicly available), account number and/or username with password, or medical records. Attempting to obtain, acquire, or request sensitive information through deceptive means (e.g., fake surveys, malicious software or links, etc.) is strictly prohibited and will lead to a permanent ban from Heyday.

You can totally share the information that is already publically available, like social medial handles or links to someone's public websites. When it comes to your favorite creators, we do support a healthy exchange of personal contact information as it helps gain new patrons, supporters, or followers.

🍓 Nudity and Sexual Content

Don't intimidate other users with unwelcome sexual content - nasty is not sexy. It's okay to talk about sex in the educational context but please restrain from asking, posting, or sending any sexually explicit materials that include your fantasies and fetishes, sexual assault, violence, rape, human body fluids, or anything else that wouldn't make your grandmother proud.

With the same logic, sharing pornographic material, depictions of sex acts, real or graphic nudity; promoting or advertising commercial sexual services, or sending unsolicited nudes to others is a direct road to a permanent ban from Heyday. We're for #freethenipple but the world is not there yet, so let's wait and practice consent together in the meantime.

🍃 Illegal Activity and Deception

Keep it within the law - if something is illegal irl, it's also prohibited on Heyday. To mention some: buying, selling, promoting controlled substances, pharmaceuticals, or weapons, facilitating unlawful transactions, committing any acts of fraud (e.g., selling counterfeit docs or goods), or sharing copyrighted content is highly discouraged. It's okay to discuss the use of alcohol and drugs, as long it stays this way and doesn't lead to any encouragement of irresponsible use. Unquestionably, human trafficking and exploitation, or the attempts of phishing will be reported to relevant authorities when identified.

Another very simple, yet important rule: your account can only belong to you and nobody else - don't pretend or falsely claim to be another person, public figure, celebrity (unless you really are), or someone from the Heyday staff.

🗑️ Spam

Be authentic, be yourself. Please avoid sending large amounts of repeated private messages to other users, posting the same content in groups or in comments multiple times, or sharing off-topic links on the app. For this, we will label you a “spammer” and will either suspend you temporarily or permanently ban you from Heyday. Although we support advertising and sharing Patreon and Vimeo profile links to attract a wider audience, please don't overwhelm others with excessive self-promotion.

🚸 Minors

We have a zero-tolerance policy for child sexual exploitation and abuse material (CSEM and CSAM) and will permanently ban and report the account to Law Enforcement. This includes posting or enticing others to post, share, or obtain sexual or suggestive content involving minors, real, illustrated, fictional (e.g., sexual anime images), or digitally altered imagery of minors in inappropriate settings, explicit emphasis on child private parts, depiction of minors in a sexual fetish content, or solicitation of sexual acts from minors. As a parent, please avoid posting nude pictures of your own children (even with good intentions) to avoid the risk of potential abuse by others.

Heyday is for 18+ only. To use Heyday, you must be at least 18 years old. If we suspect or discover that you are younger, our Safety team will temporarily restrict your account until we open the app for a younger community. Knowingly communicating with a minor also falls under a zero-tolerance rule.

If you come across material that includes an unaccompanied minor who is featured in a sexual or suggestive way or suggests harm towards a minor, please immediately hit the “Report” button or reach out to us via help@heyday.net. We also highly encourage you to report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC CyberTipline).

❤️ Self-harm or Suicide

Everyone has the right to feel down or upset and it’s normal to share difficulties with others and seek help. At Heyday, we promote wellness and safety, which is why we will remove all content that describes, normalizes, encourages, or gives instructions on ways to cause self-harm or commit suicide, glorifies eating disorders, or makes fun of people who experience these challenges. Let’s respect each other’s sanity - don't deceive other users by pretending to be in distress or danger.

To reach the national Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, text or call 988 (in the US) - it's free, 24/7 professional counseling. If you see or think that someone might be in crisis, first contact emergency staff, and then notify us immediately by clicking the “Report” button or via help@heyday.net. We reserve the right to help the user by providing assistance and informing relevant Crisis Response centers.

🌞 Hey-fun to you

Here you are, at the very end of our House Rules. We hope you read, understood, and agreed with them. Our Trust and Safety team is here to keep Heyday safe, welcoming, and fun environment for everyone. Please don't hold a grudge against them - they're not removing your content because they have something against you. Thanks for your understanding and for taking the time to go through our guidelines!


Every time you access or use Heyday, you agree to comply with both our Terms of Service and House Rules. On our end, these agreements are enforced through a combination of human moderation and AI detection. Our Safety team reserves the right to make decisions related to content or profile restrictions that we believe are appropriate and beneficial for the Heyday community.

We have various ways of enforcing the rules, including but not limited to:

  • Removing violating content and sending you a warning - asking you kindly;
  • Restricting profile actions for some time - asking you slightly less kindly;
  • Permanently suspending you from the platform - when our kindness is over;
  • Reporting your profile and its content to Law Enforcement - when the boundary is crossed.

🚩 On Heyday:

You can report any users or groups that don’t respect our House Rules by clicking the “Report” button, and our Safety team will conduct a thorough investigation of the report. We reserve the right to remove content from profiles or groups and restrict or permanently ban users or groups that violate our rules.

✉️ To Heyday:

If necessary, contact your local law enforcement, then reach us at help@heyday.net

Last Updated: June 15, 2023